Ho Chih-yang law office

                            J o h n s o n    H o    A t t o r n e y

                                       Manager attorney Ho Chih-yang

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School record:
Provincially established Taichung First high school graduation
National Taiwan University law department graduation
84 year attorneys the college entrance examination pass an examination
86 year government worker higher test legal system class branch passes an examination

Central Asia international law office attorney
Justice-Group law office attorney
The Group-Unfolds international law office attorney
The economy department sues is willing to consider the committee section members
World-Bright law office attorney
Taichung county government real estate advisory committee committee member

Ho Chih-yang the law office manages attorney
The Executive Yuan consumers protect committee duty attorney
Executive Yuan laborer committee middle area law consultation service center duty attorney
Mid- and small-scale enterprise the economy department place honor consults attorney
The Taichung government law assists serves consultant
The Taichung county woman protects association duty attorney

Range of service:
1. Free legal consultation
2. Civil action, criminal prosecution, administrative prosecution
3. The tax affairs question < festival tax avoids taxes >
4. Wisdom property rights
The marital children guardianship protection command applies for the question
6. The traffic accident asks to recompense
7. National compensation


Contact us:

Manages attorney: Ho Chih-yang


Office address: No.147, Sec. 1, Jianguo S. Rd. , South District, Taichung City 402, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Telephone: 886-4-22632433

Facsimile: 886-4-22634536

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